I am Krista, author, speaker, nutritionist and advocate for living your best life!


Who am I?  Well, here is a little insight …..


I love green smoothies (especially with kale!), walks in nature (it is so peaceful), hugs from my hubby, kiddos and fur babies (is there anything better?), laughing (who doesn’t like to laugh?), seeing people smile (joy is infectious), savouring the taste of real food (the way nature intended), and waking up each morning knowing there is another day that I can learn, laugh, grow, change and love!


Life is not always easy …. it wasn’t meant to be.  However, living in the moment (whether good or bad), is the direct route to embracing life and who you are.  It opens the doors to opportunities, growth, wisdom and pure joy – if you are willing to see, feel, hear and love without judgement or attachment.


Cruise my website for health tips, recipes, a good chuckle now and then, nutrition, and lots more for your healing journey!












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