10 Healthy Habits I will continue in 2017

2016 was definitely a year of growth, learning, and exploring.  It went incredibly fast and I am excited to start the journey of 2017.  There are many things I will will bring with me into 2017.  Here are 10 of my favourites:

Lemon water in the morning

Lemon is acidic but it is very alkaline in our bodies.  Bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic environment, so it is important to keep an alkaline body.  After a night of fasting, it is important to hydrate our bodies, kick start our digestion and support our liver.

5 minutes of quiet mindfulness every morning

Taking time, whether it be in the morning or at night, to just ground our thoughts and intentions is extremely important.  Meditation, yoga poses or repeating a mantra can really help us increase our patience and walk into or close out our day with gratitude and compassion.

Take the time to do what you love

Our passion brings joy, creativity and a sense of well being, when we choose to acknowledge and pursue it.  Life is short.  Take time to enjoy every moment.

Eat fermented foods

The goodness in these foods is ridiculous!  They are full of enzymes, good bacteria and vitamins and minerals.   80% of our immune system resides in our gut, so it makes sense to eat foods that will nourish it.  Did you know our bacteria cells outnumber our human cells 10 to 1? Kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, miso are all full of awesome!

Skin brushing

Our skin is the largest organ of detoxification and can get pretty gummed up with all the creams and other body care products we put on it.  Skin brushing helps to lift off the dead skin cells which allows our skin to breathe.  It also helps with increasing circulation and supporting our lymphatic system – helping your body to eliminate toxins.

Eat LOTS of greens

Why eat greens?  Well, we increase our fibre intake, balance our pH, add much needed minerals to our body and are rich in vitamins.  Not much more to say….


It doesn’t matter if  you would rather take walks, go for a run, hit the gym or stay at home and do exercise videos.  The key is to enjoy what you are doing or the likelihood of you continuing it are slim.  Exercise uplifts our spirits, reduces stress, controls your weight, and reduces the risk of many conditions.

Incorporate coconut oil into just about everything

Coconut oil has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  Why wouldn’t you want to keep a container in your house?  It can nourish your skin, face and makes a great deodorant!  It is also a great way to increase the good fats in your diet by adding coconut oil to smoothies, bone broth, baking recipes, breakfasts recipes and so much more!

Take 3 deep breaths before eating

We are often stressed …. well pretty much 24/7.  When we operate in this state, our cortisol is high.  This causes our digestion to slow down, and suppress our immune system.  Taking 3 deep breaths will help to lower cortisol, relieve stress and allow your body to digest, assimilate and utilize the food you are putting into your body.

Start my day with a protein, fat and fibre filled breakfast

Eating a breakfast filled with protein, fat and fibre will help to balance our blood sugar, provide sustained energy and decreases our cravings.

What positive habits are you taking with you on this amazing journey of 2017?

In kindness,


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