A new adventure!

It has taken over 2 years, but I finally finished and printed my first book!

Someone asked me what this book was all about and really simply stated, it is about finding your path in life.  I struggled for many years.  I gave so much of myself to others that I lost myself in the process….and my purpose in life.  I started to wonder how many other people felt the same way and how my journey could support others…..and so my book began.

Success can mean so many things and so it should, as we are all unique and our paths of success are all different.  I decided to interview 12 women on their journeys of success and how that has shaped them today.

Life is not easy, but it should be savored, embraced, enjoyed and of course filled with gratitude.

This book is part of my journey and I hope the messages will help to shed light on your own purpose and path in this life.



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