Welcome and thank you for stopping by my website.

I am a registered nutritionist, culinary nutrition expert, certified reflexologist and reiki practitioner, who has a passion for living a life of wholeness – nourishing the mind, body and soul.

Through my own healing journey, I have realized that living your truth, loving every moment of life and embracing the healing power of real food are pivotal for optimal health.

There is no place for judgement or attachments and amazing opportunities arise through the emotional release of both of these.

I have the amazing opportunity to teach at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, along with leading local classes and workshops at Goodness Me Waterloo – all geared to support individuals on their own personal health and healing journey.

I enjoy spending time with my 3 children and husband, geocaching, hiking, biking and just connecting with one another.


I want individuals to wake up each morning with a grateful heart, joy in their eyes, a light that shines through any darkness and a purpose that awakens and uplifts your spirit better than any cup of coffee!

Live your truth. 

Love every moment. 

Embrace the healing power of food.


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