Are you an onion?

Actually, we are all like onions because we all have layers.  However, are you willing to peel back the layers or try and preserve them?  Do you allow change or do you do everything in your power to keep life the same?

We absorb, process and create an emotional experience for every event in our life.  In the process, we shift our thoughts – sometimes good, sometimes bad, but there is always a shift.

It can be difficult when you shift your focus or change your perception because it allows vulnerability to be shown which is something we often try so hard to conceal.

However, to grow and become who you were supposed to be, change, vulnerability and ultimately chaos is necessary to reach that next layer.  It opens the door to creativity, joy and wisdom.  Of course when you reach that new layer, it is frankly something that we are not used to, so we often shy away from it.  However, being able to face change, acknowledge vulnerability and move forward is true strength.

We live our lives with such a routine that change is difficult.  It throws our balance off when we deviate from our “normal”.

When you start to allow yourself to shift, take chances, of course you may stumble along the way, but in the process you ignite your imagination and open the door to so much possibility.


















My daughter came home from school and wanted to show me a video that her music teacher had shown the class.  I was absolutely blown away!

Take a look at this video by the piano guys – taking the ordinary to the extraordinary and this is only possible by allowing yourself to be open to failure, learn from it, grow and change your perspective.

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