10 Healthy Habits I will continue in 2017

2016 was definitely a year of growth, learning, and exploring.  It went incredibly fast and I am excited to start the journey of 2017.  There are many things I will will bring with me into 2017.  Here are 10 of my favourites: Lemon water in the morning Lemon is acidic but it is very alkaline […]

Kicking sickness to the curb ….. gently

It often happens after Christmas, that we, or our little ones get sick.  Too many indulgences and not enough sleep can put a lot of stress on our immune system.  With our microbiome in our gut compromised and our liver over burdened, everything becomes sluggish, including the fighting power of our immune system. Whenever we […]

DIY Crafts for Kids

I love crafts!  However, I was never really good at them.  When I find crafts that are easy, fun and end in a smile from my kids, it is a WIN! I decided to make my son’s classmates crayons for Christmas this year.  The hardest part of this craft?  Peeling the paper off the crayons! […]

My 2 cents (or 5 as it were) on school lunches

I came across this article Why teachers are telling parents what to feed their children, even when it isn’t their responsibility today and felt compelled to add my 2 cents (or 5 cents as it were). As a Mom, I think we struggle with so many facets of parenthood and I have reduced myself to tears on […]

You have to try this!

There is something so energizing about the freshness of the air, the glory of the colours and the warmth of the sun freely given to us as a beautiful gift for us to unwrap throughout the day and enjoy. I love the magic of fall and incorporating the plentiful harvest to create warming dishes such as soups and stews […]

Love your gut!

When we are not feeling well the first place to do a check in with is your gut.  Our gut truly is the major part of our immune system (80% in fact) and a place we want to ensure is functioning optimally. If you want more information on how to nourish our gut, check out […]

Fruit Roll Ups

One of kids favourite snacks is the fruit roll up.  Tasty and pretty but filled with chemicals and sugar.  My kids love snacks, as I am sure most kids do, and of course I love to experiment with baking, so I decided to try making my kids a healthy version of the fruit roll up […]

How do you eat your greens?

I LOVE my salads and creating various salad dressings, but sometimes I want greens in an unconventional way! Looking in my fridge I wanted to use the beautiful water cress and tasty chives that sat staring patiently at me.  Instead of adding it to a salad, it topped off my Vegan Butter Chicken oh so nicely. […]

Breakfast Cookies!

This summer has been so amazing and I have been so blessed with fantastic memories made with my kiddos and husband! As our family starts to transition into a new school year, I am always thinking of ways to stream line our mornings.  Breakfast is incredibly important  – ensuring we have protein, fat and fibre […]

Stay Cool!!

Today is supposed to be one of the hottest days of summer! ….  Just a side note here … I LOVE the heat, so this summer has been a beautiful gift for me! However, precautions do have to be made for all us, especially for kids who don’t have the mechanisms to sweat the way […]