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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

As my daughter and I embark on our cooking journey through the UnDiet Cookbook (part of the CNE Program) we decided to do a warm up by creating our own recipe ūüôā Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins (because you can never have too much chocolate!) Ingredients: 4 ripe bananas 1/3 cup butter (or ghee if you […]

What are your favourite Easter traditions?

It is tradition in our house to colour Easter eggs, but this year I wanted to make it a slightly different experience. Commercial dyes for eggs include FD&C Food dye colours including: ¬†Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #3, Blue#1, and Blue#2. ¬†Although we are not ingesting these dyes directly, the kids are getting the dyes […]

Raising Healthy Children …… it is not what you think

This post is not about nutrition.¬† It is about raising emotionally healthy children.¬† The thoughts here arose from the turmoil my daughter felt at school.¬† Unfortunately, it is not the first time she has come home with a story about being picked on. At first I was angry.¬† Angry that another child hurt my daughter.¬† […]

DIY Crafts for Kids

I love crafts! ¬†However, I was never really good at them. ¬†When I find crafts that are easy, fun and end in a smile from my kids, it is a WIN! I decided to make my son’s classmates crayons for Christmas this year. ¬†The hardest part of this craft? ¬†Peeling the paper off the crayons! […]

My 2 cents (or 5 as it were) on school lunches

I came across this article¬†Why teachers are telling parents what to feed their children, even when it isn‚Äôt their responsibility¬†today and felt compelled to add my 2 cents (or 5 cents as it were). As a Mom, I think we struggle with so many facets of parenthood and I have reduced myself to tears on […]

You have to try this!

There is something so energizing about the freshness of the air, the glory of the colours and the warmth of the sun freely given to us¬†as a beautiful gift for us to unwrap¬†throughout the day and enjoy. I love the magic of¬†fall and incorporating the plentiful harvest¬†to create warming dishes such as soups and stews […]

Breakfast Cookies!

This summer has been so amazing and I have been so blessed with fantastic memories made with my kiddos and husband! As our family starts to transition into a new school year, I am always thinking of ways to stream line our mornings. ¬†Breakfast is incredibly important ¬†– ensuring we have protein, fat and fibre […]

Breakfast of Champions!

With 3 kids and a full time job, I don’t often have time to prepare, sit down AND enjoy a leisurely breakfast. ¬†However, today was a beautiful day with a wee bit of extra time! So, today I decided to have a feast! ¬†A breakfast that was full of B-vitamins to combat stress, protein to […]

Cleanse Completed!

Although my younger kids did not feel much change during the cleanse, my oldest daughter did. ¬†They were all troopers and made me an extremely proud Mama! With a history of digestive issues in our family, my daughter is prone to it as well. ¬†We ¬†have managed through food and supplements to keep her body […]

Are you an onion?

Actually, we are all like onions because we all have layers.¬† However, are you willing to peel back the layers or try and preserve them?¬† Do you allow change or do you do everything in your power to keep life the same? We absorb, process and create an emotional experience for every event in our […]