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What low iron is telling you

Ever been told you have low iron through your blood tests?  What was the solution?  Take an iron supplement?  Eat more red meat?   Did you know that your body will hide iron and zinc from pathogenic bacteria?  Yup, that’s right!  So, when you get sick, your amazing immune system has a series of events […]

Eat more veggies! ….. please?

Eat your vegetables, then you can have dessert.  Ever said this to your kids before?  Why do we have to use bribery for our kids to eat such an important component of our diet? Well, over consumption of sugar and processed food definitely hasn’t helped!  Our sweet receptors want more, and broccoli just doesn’t cut […]

6 nutrients your kids need!

Back to school is here! We always seem to get bombarded by colds and flus in the fall, so how can we support our kids immune systems? Having a well stocked pantry and fridge can be hugely beneficial to keep your kids healthy with strong immune systems.  So, what exactly do kids need?  Well, here […]

Meal Planning Tips for the School Year

Yes, back to school is just around the corner!  I almost feel like we put as much energy into back to school as we do Christmas!  Clothes, backpacks, school supplies, shoes, haircuts and the list goes on.  Of course one of the major focuses in our home is food.  🙂 Many homes go from relatively […]

The truth about Gatorade

There are tons of drinks out there that promote they are a fantastic refueling options for after workouts, for kids or even just hot days.  It is essential we hydrate on hot days or even cold days in winter.  So, just what are the electrolytes that we need to replace?  Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and […]

Healthy Popsicles….What?

This summer has been perfect for cool treats on those hot (maybe an understatement) days!  What do you do to cool down? This year our family bought a 3 month pass to all the city pools …. and of course we opt for the outdoor ones.  🙂 The blender has been in full swing with […]

Blender Pancakes!

I am all about making things super simple, easy AND healthy in the kitchen.  So, I created these pancakes which are gluten, dairy and nut free….and delicious! The best thing about these pancakes is that they are filled with protein, fat and fibre, oh my!  All the components needed for a healthy breakfast.  Although the […]

Today is the day!

Registration is now OPEN for the Academy of Culinary Nutrition!