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What is a nutritionist anyway?

For years I struggled with trying to adhere to the information and knowledge I had received from my training at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I would beat myself up at wanting a coffee or enjoying a sweet treat.  Part of the reason I walked away from nutrition was I felt that if I […]

Why sleep is critical for your health

With a lack of sleep the last few days because my little guy has been sick, I felt prompted to write this blog.  🙂 I love my sleep, but it can be hard to fit in 8 hours every night, due to many factors. 60% of Canadian adults feel tired most of the time.  Many may […]

10 Healthy Habits I will continue in 2017

2016 was definitely a year of growth, learning, and exploring.  It went incredibly fast and I am excited to start the journey of 2017.  There are many things I will will bring with me into 2017.  Here are 10 of my favourites: Lemon water in the morning Lemon is acidic but it is very alkaline […]

Jump Into Spring Meal Plan

I am very excited to bring a month long meal plan which provides gluten and dairy free recipes for you!   Along with the meal plan and recipes, you will receive gifts from Genuine Health,  Young Living, Usana, and Alter Ego Yoga.   Purchase your meal plan today and join the community as I provide […]

Is Lego just for kids?

Well, my answer would be no, as I still play with LEGO!  It is a universal toy and challenges the imagination.  There are absolutely no limits to what you can create with LEGO.  What a cool concept! Ever thought of your life broken down into LEGO pieces?  Pretend that every LEGO piece represents a thought, […]

Can you get fat from fat?

It sure seems that way, doesn’t it?  Why else would there be so many low fat, no fat products to choose from and purchase?  The word FAT seems to bring up a cringing affect in many people, as many of us are so fearful of gaining weight. It seems odd though that 1 in 4 […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Have you had your daily serving of poison today? Sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar!  We are a society addicted to sugar.  Don’t believe me?  Give it a try….go just one day without the sweetness in your coffee, the pure enjoyment of those scrumptious muffins or cookies, finger licking good chocolate bars, thirst quenching sodas, […]

Keep your heart healthy!

“Modern medicine, for all its advances, knows less than 10 percent of what your body knows instinctively.” — Deepak Chopra: is an authority in the field of mind-body healing OK. Let’s take a moment to process this quote… Incredible really, don’t you think? February is heart health month and as I listened to the national […]

I couldn’t resist….

So, the CBC comes out with yet another article on cleanses, this time criticizing Dr. OZ’s 48 hour detox plan. This articles states: “Despite bold promises that the treatments would purify, detoxify and boost energy and optimize organ function, the cleanses lacked any scientific evidence of efficacy, or clear idea of what toxins they would […]


Boy oh boy where do I begin?  A dear friend of mine sent me an article called “Detox Cleanses may not live up to the hype” on CBC news.  Although this article is geared more towards detox products that you would buy at a health food store or pharmacy, I still felt it was important […]