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Day 7 of the 12 days for Good – INCLUSION

December 14 inclusion


Watching my kids in their Christmas pageant this morning was amazing!  Two of them had a role that they felt comfortable with and my youngest, made his own role!  With so many ages and personalities on the stage you wonder how the pageant all came together.  The reason?  INCLUSION.  All the kids were there for 1 common goal.

A sense of belonging is something we all want.  Everyone watching the pageant this morning was 100% attentive to the children and enjoyed every quirky moment and laughter from the heart filled the air.  Together, with the help of the teachers, the children performed a magical pageant and the audience played an integral role as well.  They came to watch the kids perform, accepting everything that was supposed to happen….and not supposed to happen.  They gave their smiles back creating synergy and a place where the kids felt comfortable.

We are all different, but we all have something to contribute.  Working together using our unique gifts and talents to accomplish goals makes us all stronger and more confident.

My goal is to change the health of our children, by educating people on the truths and myths about food.  Children need to know how to evaluate nutritional information, make smart food choices and learn how to prepare food in a creative way that makes eating healthy fun.

Teaching positive messages about nutrition to children will help to develop life long healthy eating habits.

What healthy tips and messages are you teaching the children in your life?

Working together and sharing WILL help to change the health of our children and what they perceive as healthy.

Cheers to great health!



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