Krista Harrison Children,Cooking,Easter,Family,Holidays,Joy,Nutrition,Recipes What are your favourite Easter traditions?

What are your favourite Easter traditions?

It is tradition in our house to colour Easter eggs, but this year I wanted to make it a slightly different experience.

Commercial dyes for eggs include FD&C Food dye colours including:  Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #3, Blue#1, and Blue#2.  Although we are not ingesting these dyes directly, the kids are getting the dyes on their skin, absorbing directly into the bloodstream.

So, on a search for natural dyes, I decided to use tumeric for yellow, matcha tea for green, beet crystal for red/pink, and purple cabbage for purple/blue.


The kids were definitely curious about what the heck I was doing.  My picky eater asked if we would taste the flavours in the egg.  When the answer was no, she was cool with the procedure, checking in every once in a while.  🙂

Teaching the kids that we don’t have to rely on commercially prepared items all the time is important to me.  Their only limit is their imagination and creativity when making new recipes…..and there is nothing lacking in that department!

Of course with natural dyes vs. commercial dyes, it will take longer to colour the eggs.  We put the eggs in the dye mid-afternoon and left them until the next morning.

The first attempt I used the eggs we normally buy – brown eggs….which doesn’t work as well.  So, second attempt we opted for white eggs.

…and voila!

IMG_0652 (2)









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