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Eat more veggies! ….. please?

Eat your vegetables, then you can have dessert.  Ever said this to your kids before?  Why do we have to use bribery for our kids to eat such an important component of our diet?

Well, over consumption of sugar and processed food definitely hasn’t helped!  Our sweet receptors want more, and broccoli just doesn’t cut it, right?

Introducing more veggies into your child’s diet takes time …. and patience.  🙂  Here are a couple tips to add more veggies into  your child’s diet:


  1.  Offer vegetables when your kids are hungry.  If they have been snacking already, they are less likely to munch on celery.  Try celery, almond butter and raisins …. YUM!
  2. Try serving your veggies first….. kind of like a fancy restaurant!  Salad is usually served before the main course.
  3. Sit down to dinner as a family.  When you start talking about your day, the focus is removed from the food and there is a higher probability that the veggies will be tried.
  4. Have your kids cook in the kitchen with you.  Don’t underestimate the power of the process!  Involving kids to help prep dinner is incredibly powerful!  This is the best way to teach …. by doing.
  5. Your children are watching!  Are you eating your veggies?  If not, the likely hood of your kids eating veggies are slim to none.  Model the behaviour you want to see in  your children.  In the words of Ghandi “Be the change you want to see in the world”
  6. Watch what you bring into the house.  Do you fill the pantry will quick, easy, packaged foods?  These foods have more taste bud appeal and veggies will often be overlooked if the kids can find something tastier to munch on.  Only bring into the house what you are comfortable having the kids eat.
  7. Take your kids grocery shopping.  This is a great opportunity for them to pick out a veggie to try.  It gives them control and opens up the door to creativity.


Have other ideas?  I would love to hear what works for you and your family!

In kindness and gratitude,


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