This blog was created out of the absolute gratitude I feel towards the people in my life and the experiences which have led me to this point.

If we were to turn back the clock to be a child again, how much different would our world be?  As children, we used all of our senses to view the incredible world we live in.  We explored, wondered, imagined, created, redefined parameters, and let our curiosity for greatness guide us.

How do many of us view our world now as adults?  We view the world with blinders on.  We have lost our ability to dream and envision our life of greatness.  Instead, we move through each day without fully acknowledging the blessings that surround us.

We are all connected.  How we think affects how we act and how we act determines the reaction we get from others (from the book:  The Magic of Thinking BIG).

I am sure we have all been angry, hurt or frustrated by the words and actions of someone else, right?  Well, what if you stopped for 10 seconds after those words or action before you reacted and thought maybe what you just experienced has nothing to do with you?  Maybe all the events leading up to that point created the explosion you received?

What if you acknowledged this:  That underneath most people, they are decent human beings.

How would this change YOUR reaction to the events that occurred?

Words, looks, actions, glances all create ripple effects.  However, each of us can make that a positive or negative ripple depending on how we choose to respond. The following video is extremely powerful and inspirational.  As you watch this video, pay attention to how you feel as the movie progresses.

Gratitude by Louis Schwartzberg

Gratitude is so important.  It allows you to appreciate exactly where you are in your life right now.  It helps you to release the negative and focus on the positive.

When you can start to understand that negative experiences are there to help you learn and grow, your world changes, you open the door to possibilities and you begin to understand that the positive has always been there….it was only hidden in the darkness of the negative.

Start or end your day with adding to your Gratitude Journal.  You will be amazed at how it starts to shift your attitude.

Make each day absolutely amazing!

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