Have you changed your filter?

July 29, 2013 0 Comments

Summer is a coveted time of the year.  The weather is warm, holidays are booked and we spend more time with our family and friends.  As a result of this, we get RELAXATION, which is fantastic!  However, when we stray away from routines we have a tendency to indulge in more and exercise less.  So, my question to you is:  “How often do you change your filter?”

Let’s back track a bit….how often do you change your furnace filter and why do you change it?  Well, typically we change our furnace filter because dust, dirt, pet hair, etc. accumulates.  If we neglect to change it regularly, air flow is reduced and our air quality diminishes.

Have you ever thought of your body as having filters?  Our bodies work pretty hard to protect our cells from toxins, pesticides, insecticides, chemical pollutants, food additives, preservatives, and much, much more!  So, what happens if we continuously eat fast food, eat high amounts of sugar, fat and salt, drink low quantities of water, don’t get enough sleep, encounter high levels of stress day in and day out, and leave out the exercise?   Our filters will get clogged!  When this happens, we may feel tired, lack focus and clarity, experience weight gain, increase the incidence of headaches, aches and pains, colds, and flus, feel depressed, and the list goes on.  Our bodies are absolutely amazing but they are not invincible!

So, I come back to my question, “Are you changing your filters?”  If not, it could be costing you your health!  We have been given one “home” for 80-100 years, isn’t it worth taking care of?

I offer a detoxification program that includes reflexology as I believe that healing is a multi-faceted process that takes time, patience, and perseverance through the frustrations and disappointments.

Living life should be dynamic, adventurous, and full of laughter and challenges to push us beyond our comfort zone, so we can learn and gain inner strength and wisdom.

Make sure you call (519) 841-2061 right now while you are thinking about it to set up your detox program and take your health to the next level!

Enjoy summer and head into the fall with clarity!

In health and wellness,


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