Healthy Popsicles….What?

This summer has been perfect for cool treats on those hot (maybe an understatement) days!  What do you do to cool down?

This year our family bought a 3 month pass to all the city pools …. and of course we opt for the outdoor ones.  🙂

The blender has been in full swing with the multitude of smoothie variations that my kids and I whip up.

We also head to the local library and catch up on some good books and maybe check out a few movies, while enjoying the sweet air conditioning.

….. and one of my absolute favourite things to cool down is to head to the beach!  Nothing better than cooling down by jumping the waves!

Well, here is one more option …. healthy popsicles!  Yay!!  I definitely enjoyed a few cold treats in my youth, but they were filled with nothing more than water, sugar and artificial colours.  🙁  Fast forward many years and knowledge and recipes have changed.  Check out the post on The Academy of Culinary Nutrition about healthy popsicles.  Yum!  I dare you to find ONLY one that you like …. chances are you will be making a  whole lotta them 🙂


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