Krista Harrison Uncategorized How do you eat your greens?

How do you eat your greens?

I LOVE my salads and creating various salad dressings, but sometimes I want greens in an unconventional way!

Looking in my fridge I wanted to use the beautiful water cress and tasty chives that sat staring patiently at me.  Instead of adding it to a salad, it topped off my Vegan Butter Chicken oh so nicely.  Watercress adds a savory peppery flavour and is chock full of nutrients, including vitamin B,C, K, iron, calcium, manganese and much more!

As summer marches on and fall graces us with its majestic colours and cooler temperatures, adding greens to soups or hot dishes is a delicious way to enjoy all the goodness of greens (full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals) but yet still stay warm.

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