Kids Kleanse

As school is now out for summer, I decided to start my kids vacation off with a cleanse!  No this is not a cruel joke….Although the kids are not too enthused, I am super excited to be introducing them to the world of cleansing, which is a powerful tool for your health.

Some people may wonder why the need for this, but the unfortunate truth is that kids, along with adults, encounter so many toxins through the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe.  The amount of sugar, processed, and packaged foods that kids consume is mind blowing!  These foods are low in nutrients and fibre and off the charts in fat, trans-fat and sugar.

The point of this cleanse is to teach my kids the healing power of foods and explore why we crave the foods we do.

So, to start preparing for this cleanse I bought a beautiful box of local, fresh and organic produce from Grand River Organics (, which I picked up with my kids – AMAZING!  The colours were out of this world, the smell of the apples were sweet and I couldn’t wait to add the pea shoots and kale to my salad – YUM!



In August I will be introducing a community Kids Kleanse meant for the whole family to do together!

Stay tuned for more details on the progress of the cleanse for my kiddos and the upcoming cleanse in August….

Cheers to amazing health!



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