Krista Harrison Uncategorized Magical powers or toxic elixir?

Magical powers or toxic elixir?











What is this??  Who really thought this drink was a good idea to concoct?

Don’t be fooled by the vibrant and “happy” colours.  This drink boasts 59 grams of sugar in a Grande!  Really?

Considering our bodies only need 1 tsp (4 grams) of sugar diluted in 5 litres of our blood, what will we do with almost 15 tsp?

Well, here is a little sneak peak at the wonders this drink can have on our bodies …..

INCREASE cravings, inflammation, blood sugar instability, acidity, fatigue, hyperactivity, brain fog and DECREASE immune function, energy, mood, and ability to handle stress.

Sounds like a winning drink to me!

Now I did see the token turmeric in there, but come on now, this will not negate the disgusting slurry of chemicals, flavours, colours and sugar.

Purity, innocence, and magical healing powers are symbols of the unicorn…..not really what this frappe represents.  What do you think?

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