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Meatless Mondays!

Looking for something new for 2014? Well look no further! Welcome to the Meatless Mondays blog!

I will be sending out a blog every Saturday morning, so you can shop and prepare for your Meatless Monday Menu.

Why you ask? Well, consuming more of a plant base diet may help to improve your energy, sleep, immune system, gives our digestive system a little break, helps our cardiovascular system and eases the environmental load.

Have I convinced you? Not yet?

OK, did you know the water needs of livestock? An estimated 1,800 to 2,500 gallons of water go into a single pound of beef, far more than that of vegetables or grains.

Really once you wrap your head around it, the choices are plentiful and down right delicious!

Many of us are not sure where to start or even how to incorporate vegetarian meals into our week. So, look no further! I have decided that each Monday I will provide a Meatless Monday guide. Sound like fun? I thought so!

So, what do you have to do?

Step 1: Sign up for my blog to ensure you don’t miss the recipe guides sent out on Saturdays (so you have time to prepare)
Step 2: Read the blog, print off the ingredient list, and go shopping!

It’s that easy!

Viewing our food differently and really savouring the flavours takes time. We are so used to flying through our day and we have become masters at multi-tasking. What do I mean? Here is an example: Your alarm clock goes off, you push snooze and roll over. Then, your conscious brain steps forward and kicks your butt out of bed! T minus 45 minutes! You have a shower and are already thinking to the 10 things you need to do when you get out of the shower and really hope you don’t forget when you get out and dressed. You check your blackberry, while pouring a cup of coffee, getting the kids lunches packed, oh and signing that permission slip that is do today! Then, proceeding to get breakfast ready but need to wake the kids up so they can start to get dressed. Note: coffee is getting cold. You remember to take a sip then feed the dog, inhale your bagel, feel gross and make a mental note not to do that again. Kids are hungry, so you finish making their breakfast, check the blackberry again, remember you have a dentist appointment today first thing so spend a little extra time cleaning those pearly whites, of course this gets interrupted as you need to mediate the kids….again. You finally manage to get out the door and get the kids to school. Unfortunately, your day has only just begun and this morning routine seems indicative of your entire day! Does any of this sound familiar?
My point is that we need to slow down and enjoy the moments and take care of ourselves, which includes fueling the body with proper nutrition.

Meatless Mondays will include a grocery list that will prepare you for your breakfast, lunch and dinner with mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Join the Meatless Mondays community! When does it start? Saturday February 1st!

Cheers to great health!


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