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You know what makes me sad? …..check these stats out:

Researchers analyzed the National Inpatient Sample Database (1997-2010), focusing on cases for which constipation was the principal discharge diagnosis. Their findings showed a 128.6% increase in discharges with a principal diagnosis of constipation, from 21,190 patients in 1997 to 48,450 (P<.001) in 2010. Even with the 14% increase in population, this is a 42% increase in constipation cases. The average hospital charges for these patients increased 239.3% ($8,869 in 1997, adjusted for inflation, to $17,518 in 2010). The findings showed that the elderly (patients aged 65 to 84 years) made up the largest portion of constipation discharges (38% in 1997; 29% in 2010). However young patients (aged one to 17 years) had the highest frequency of constipation per 10,000 discharges (16.59 in 1997; 50.58 in 2010).

The worst part of all is that the kids had the highest increase!  What!?

So, why are we more constipated?  Well, the 33 tsp of sugar a day, fried foods, lack of vegetables and fruits, no water, lots of dairy and no fibre might be cause for concern.

How can we be healthy if we are not pooping?  Blunt…yes.  However, wouldn’t you rather hear the truth than not?

80% of our immune system is in our gut!  If our gut is not functioning properly, neither will our immune system.

This is serious.  I have said it before, and I will continue to say it.  Our bodies are our homes for 80-100 years.  You clean your house weekly, why don’t you ensure you clean your body from the inside out?

The amount of dis-eases that will come from a poor functioning colon are endless!  The core of your health and vibrancy is in your gut.

Aileen Burford-Mason, PH.D, a practicing Orthomolecular nutritionist from Toronto states, “Researchers at the Mayo Clinic followed patients over the age of 65 with and without constipation for 10 years. Over that period, those who suffered from constipation had a 20% higher mortality rate than those who were generally not constipated.”

We know more about how our cars work than we do about our bodies.  Regular oil changes, tire rotations, tune ups, cleanings, etc. and what do you do for your body?  Do you feed your body whole foods?  Do you exercise?  Do you drink enough water?  Consume enough fibre?

Education is the key.  We all need to understand, especially children, how food can heal and how a lack of whole foods can decrease your vitality and create a world in which you walk around “vertically ill”.

I have been blessed with 3 incredibly talented, beautiful, creative and loving children.  My goal and job as a parent is to fuel their bodies properly so they can become all that they were intended to be.

You see when your body is fueled with high powered nutrition, your mind becomes clear and focused, your attitude is positive and spirit is alive!

Cheers to great health!







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