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Raising Healthy Children …… it is not what you think

This post is not about nutrition.  It is about raising emotionally healthy children.  The thoughts here arose from the turmoil my daughter felt at school.  Unfortunately, it is not the first time she has come home with a story about being picked on.

At first I was angry.  Angry that another child hurt my daughter.  Angry that she had to endure this again.  Angry that there are children (and adults) that are so blatantly hurtful.

Our instinct when we are hurt is to lash out, but it only fuels more anger and negativity.  After tears roll down my face with the pain my daughter endures, I realize we can make a change.  She can make a change because we always have a choice.  Always.

Teaching our children to love who they are, feel blessed for what they have and uplift others is so incredibly valuable for each individual and collectively as humans.  Compassion for ourselves and all whom we are connected to is how we should face each day.

Can you imagine the difference in our society if we all took 5 minutes to set our intentions and ground ourselves before we start our day?  The ripple effect would be incredible!

When one person hurts, we all feel the effects in one way or another because we are all connected.

Let’s change the way we interact and teach our children that although we may not connect with everyone on the same level, we are all here for a divine purpose.  Our paths intertwine with so many and we need to give thanks for all the people we meet and all situations we encounter.  They are stepping stones to help us learn and grow to be better and make our world better.

We can give our children tools to understand how to be more mindful, give thanks, love who they are and have compassion for all others.  I decided to write down a few words to help my daughter face each day with more confidence.  I have asked her to read this every day in front of a mirror.  Yes, she does think I am crazy most of the time, but she has agreed to read the following and be present to the words she is saying.

I am beautiful.

I am strong – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I have compassion for myself and all whom I am connected to.

I allow myself to be present within every moment of this day.

I am love.

The mantra for your children or yourself can be what resonates good feelings for you and it will change as you change.

There are many ways to be mindful.  I encourage you to find what works best for you and your family.

This message comes from my heart and is being sent with love and compassion for all.

In kindness,


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