Krista Harrison Recipes

I love recipes and I am always looking for new ways to serve healthy meals to my family.  If you are like me, sometimes you get stuck in a rut serving the same thing each week.

I have started a new journey and will be adding delicious recipes each week to be enjoyed by you and your family or maybe it will ignite a culinary spark in yourself to create something new!

Here is a FREE Shopping List Template and MENU PLANNER to help you each week.

Let me help you create a kick butt meal plan that you and your family will love!  Don’t have much time to cook? Hate cilantro?  Love avocados?  Need kid friendly snacks? Great!  I can incorporate all that and plan accordingly!  Fill out my FREE meal planning assessment to get started!

FREE Meal Planning Assessment! 

Cheers to great health!

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Blender Pancakes



















































Immune Boosting Tea










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