What is a nutritionist anyway?

For years I struggled with trying to adhere to the information and knowledge I had received from my training at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I would beat myself up at wanting a coffee or enjoying a sweet treat.  Part of the reason I walked away from nutrition was I felt that if I couldn’t “play by the rules” for myself, how on earth was on going to take on a client base and help them.

Fast forward 20 years and my whole way of being has changed.  What I have come to realize is this:

  1. Health and healing is not achieved in 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. It is constantly evolving and expanding.  The more we learn and incorporate the more we dig deeper, peel back the layers and explore more.
  2. Nutrition is not only the food we consume but how we treat ourselves as a whole – mind, body and spirit
  3. We are all on a different journey and at various points on our respective journeys. Comparisons are like poison to us.
  4. Not everyone is ready to start eating differently and changing lifestyle habits and this is OK.
  5. No matter how much you think you should do something if you are not ready, it won’t work.
  6. Get rid of excuses and start taking responsibility for yourself and your life.
  7. There is never any judgment.
  8. There is ALWAYS love and compassion.
  9. We always have a choice.
  10. Health is not a linear path. It may take us closer to our goals and then take us 2 steps back. Embrace the healing journey.  What you perceive to be true is not always the truth.  Look within for answers and be willing to take off the blinders.


….. and


  1. Be present within every moment of every day. There is no place for the past or the future when you are focused on the present.


Understanding, appreciating and giving gratitude for the energy present within us and all around us is a gift.  What we put out into the world, whether it be negative or positive, will ALWAYS come back to you.  Health is not just about losing weight or fitting into those cute pair of jeans.  Of course it is about consuming whole foods and exercising, but there is a third component – getting in touch with who you really are and the innate wisdom that is available to all of us.

Meet yourself where you are.  It has taken me years to change the way I eat.  As I healed each layer of my physical body, emotional layers needed to be healed as well before I could move on.

So here we are again …. What really is a nutritionist anyway?

I believe….

It is being real with myself and my clients about who we are, life and our food choices.

It is allowing myself and my clients to make mistakes but always being present in the moment.

It is allowing my wisdom and client’s wisdom to grow by stepping outside our comfort zone, embracing struggle and knowing you will always encounter the right people, places and situations to support your given path.

It is having compassion and love for all.

It is sharing your knowledge and listening to your intuition.

It is appreciating that every person is unique and requires specific foods to support them.

It is accepting that what works for you now, may not be what works for you in 6 months.

It is allowing the energy to flow and move.

It is listening.

It is appreciating the beauty and synergy of the relationship with my clients.


YOU are amazing because that is how you were born!






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