What low iron is telling you

Ever been told you have low iron through your blood tests?  What was the solution?  Take an iron supplement?  Eat more red meat?


Did you know that your body will hide iron and zinc from pathogenic bacteria?  Yup, that’s right!  So, when you get sick, your amazing immune system has a series of events that happen to keep those nasty invaders from setting up shop in your body by hiding the iron and zinc.


Pathogenic bacteria thrive on iron and zinc …. it helps them multiply and create a destructing team of critters that wreak havoc on you!


So, the body hides these minerals to keep you safe.  Smart eh?  I thought so!


When your iron or zinc levels are low, you might be dealing with more than you thought. If your levels are low, your body might be hiding those minerals to protect you from a pathogenic bacteria that is scurrying around inside you.


Did you know that food can create an increase in bad bacteria, triggering your immune system?  If your digestive system is not functioning properly certain foods can cause irritation and inflammation.  When you remove these foods from your diet, the irritation stops, your good bacteria start to thrive again, the immune system backs off, inflammation subsides and zinc and iron come out of hiding increasing your blood values of these minerals.  Coles notes version!  🙂


Truly any food can create an inflammatory response depending on the state or your digestive system.  Common foods creating irritation:   processed and packaged foods (no fibre, minerals, vitamins, enzymes), dairy, wheat, bananas, citrus, and sugar to name a few.  When you remove these foods for a period of time, the body can start to re-balance itself again.


Next question, what happens when you add MORE iron and zinc to your diet when you are sick or have low levels?  Are you actually feeding those critters and keeping you in a weakened state?  ….. Food for thought  🙂


Sugar is one of the causes of irritation and inflammation.  Looking for a way to cut back on your sugar consumption?  Then, why not join my FREE no sugar challenge starting September 24th!  Click HERE to join!

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