Boy oh boy where do I begin?  A dear friend of mine sent me an article called “Detox Cleanses may not live up to the hype” on CBC news.  Although this article is geared more towards detox products that you would buy at a health food store or pharmacy, I still felt it was important to address this topic, as there  are many different types of cleanses, but they are extremely beneficial.

This article couldn’t have come to me at a more perfect time!  I am in the middle of helping people get healthy, by changing the way they view food and helping their body reset itself on a 7 day cleanse.  For most of us, our bodies are in an acidic state.  I am helping people start to move the pH of their bodies to more of an alkaline state where viruses, parasites and bacteria don’t thrive.  Sick of countless colds and flus during the winter?  Then read on!

I want to share with as many people, who want to listen to me, the immense benefits of feeding your body, your home as you will, with love, respect and nourishing food.

In this article it states and I quote Looking to detox? You don’t have to look far: You’re already doing it.

“The liver is incredibly efficient at getting rid of noxious substances,” says Western University’s Dr. Dresser. “The kidneys do a great job at eliminating many toxins that are soluble in water. So we have what we need now.”

Really?  Say what now?  I will absolutely 100% agree that our liver, which performs over 500 functions, and your kidneys are great filters for toxins, WHEN they are not overburdened with sugar, coffee, refined foods, alcohol, stress, dairy products, gluten, and the 1000’s of additives and chemicals in our food.

Have headaches?  Migraines?  Allergies?  Daily aches and pains?  Chronic colds and flus?  Eczema?  Sinus infections?  Digestive upset?  Constipation (note:  you are constipated if you are not having a bowel movement 2-3 times per day)?  Don’t sleep well at night? Forgetful?  Play the 3pm head bob game?  Wake up feeling exhausted?  Crave breads, sugar or alcohol?

These are somel signs that your body is NOT functioning properly.  We have 7 channels of elimination:  Liver, kidneys, Colon, Blood, Lymphatic System, Lungs and your Skin being the largest organ of elimination, that all need to be nourished well in order to perform optimally or symptoms, then conditions and finally diseases occur.

Would you ever consider not changing the air filter on your furnace?  Why not?  Well, typically we change our furnace filter because dust, dirt, pet hair, etc. accumulates.  If we neglect to change it regularly, air flow is reduced and our air quality diminishes.  Think of your elimination organs in this way.  Too many toxins and the organs reach maximum capacity, so the toxins just sit in your body and get reabsorbed back into your bloodstream because the liver and kidneys cannot take in any more.  Then the blood transports these toxins to your 60 trillion cells.  Last I checked, cells don’t function very well being fed with toxins.

This is a good quote too:  “The human body has evolved to get rid of unnecessary substances through your liver, kidneys, and colon,” the report read. “It isn’t possible to improve their function without medical assistance.”

The group advises anyone who feels they have overindulged to follow three simple steps: have a glass of water, eat a balanced diet and get a good night’s sleep.

OK, so if you have abused your body for years and years and years with chemicals, additives, preservatives, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, sugar, sugar and more sugar, coffee, alcohol, more refined grains in a day than fresh fruits and vegetables, very little to no whole foods,  breathing in polluted air, smoking or second hand smoke, lack of sleep, drinking a glass or 2 of water a day, and constantly feeding it negative thoughts, how do you think your body will respond?  We were meant to eat whole foods…not processed, eat more raw fruits and veggies in day than refined breads and cereals, drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, rest and value who we are as individuals.  Do you really think a glass of water, eat a balanced diet (which I would like to know what they have in mind for this) and a good’s night sleep will fix all this?  Nope.

I have met many people that have reversed the weaknesses in their body with proper nourishment, supplements, exercise and the power of positive thinking.

Our bodies are absolutely amazing and can heal from the inside out given the proper tools.

I do however agree with one statement:  There is no get-healthy-quick scheme.  

That is correct, there is not.  Once you make the decision to stop taking your body for granted, fuel it properly and love it, your health will absolutely improve, but it takes time, patience, determination and an understanding that your body can heal itself given the right tools.  It is a life -long commitment, but I think it is worth it, don’t you?

A cleanse or detox may help to reset your metabolism, boost your immune system, increase your energy, reduce your cravings, help your body move towards a more alkaline state….AND teach you the benefits of eating whole food for life and the positive affects it has.

The next cleanse I am running is January 30-February 5.  I provide you with food guidelines, meal plans and recipes, which are all at no cost to you!

Why?  It is my gift to our community.  I know how good you can feel when you eat properly and take care of your body.  Wouldn’t you love to feel good every day?  To think positively and to say at the end of 2014, “Wow!  This was an incredible year!”

If you would like to join the cleanse, please email me:  kristaharrison@rogers.com and title the subject: January 30 Cleanse.  

Grab a friend, your co-workers and/or family and commit to do this cleanse together!

Cheers to great health!


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