Where do you begin?

Every day we hear reports on the dangers of certain foods we eat:  dyes commonly found in packaged foods and beverages can cause hyperactivity, immune distress, hypersensitivity, cancer, allergies, etc.  Nitrites and nitrates in cured meats can be cancer causing.  Oh and what about artificial sweeteners causing weight gain, a risk to diabetics, vision problems, headaches and don’t forget about genetically modified foods!

Are you confused yet?  Are you feeling lost and although you know that the food you are eating is not ideal, it is way easier to keep eating this way then to navigate through a mound of information with no beginning and no end,  because let’s face it, life is crazy enough, right?  People want to be healthy and feel good, but with information overload where do you begin?

Well, as Julie Andrews said in the Sound of Music, “Let’s start at the very beginning…it is a very good place to start”

It has taken me years to understand the human body, how it works, what affects it, and what it needs to function optimally, and I am still learning and understanding more each day.  Nutrition and wellness is my passion.  Everyone has their own passion and purpose and it may not be nutrition, which is OK.

So, let me help you get started on your path back to wellness!

First, take a breath and realize that any change that is worthwhile takes time.

Second list 3 amazing people in your life.

Third list 3 things you want to accomplish that would change your life.

So, what we have here are your goals and your support system!  Post your goals on your fridge or somewhere that you see every single morning and let your support system know so they can be your accountability partners.

Now, we can move forward!

Whether your goals were financial, physical or emotional based, it all focuses on healing your body, mind and soul.

Any issues, conditions, or symptoms you might have at this moment, took years to develop, so healing will take time, but that is not to say that you won’t start to feel improvement within a few days or weeks, once you start to implement changes.

Now, take a moment to think about the worst “food” you eat on a regular basis.  This could be a can of pop a day, a hamburger and fries, a chocolate bar, splenda in your coffee, etc. Write it down.

Think about the best food you eat on a regular basis.  Write it down.

Although we satisfy our hunger daily, are you satisfying your nutritional requirements?  Are you getting enough sulfur to feed your 60 trillion cells? How much omega 3 are you feeding your immune system?  Are you drinking enough water to hydrate your brain?  Are you feeding your bowels with enough fibre to keep your plumbing humming every single day?  Do you consume enough B12 to form healthy red blood cells?

I am not asking you these questions to scare you, make you feel inadequate, or create stress and anxiety.  I am asking you these questions to show you how important a range of nutrients are needed for every single cell, tissue, organ and system of our body.

 Whole foods are so intricately formed with the right ratio of vitamins and minerals that are bodies recognize and utilize them so easily.

Fast foods and packaged foods provide denatured enzymes, anti-nutrients and take away from your vitality.     

I know from experience that it is way easier to ADD then SUBTRACT.

So, start ADDING in one of the following super foods:

Hemp hearts, Chia, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Goji Berries, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Flaxseed, Whole Coconut, Sprouts,  Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Why a super food you may ask?  Well, super foods are:

  • A whole food
  • A raw food
  • Easily digestible
  • Contains high quantities of nutrients
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids, antioxidants and phytochemicals
  • Promotes healthy elimination

Then, once you have started adding in a super food consistently, I want you to start replacing your worst food indicated with the best food you indicated.  For example, if you drink a can of pop at 3pm, replace that with an apple.

Of course this sounds so easy on paper, but let me tell you it will be far from easy, but keep looking at those goals you posted and call on your support system!!

You may not accomplish everything each day, but why not try for 2 times a week?  Then, 3 times  a week, and move up to every day?

I want you to notice how you are feeling.  Do you have more energy?  Are you sleeping better?  Are you losing weight?

The better you feel, the more you will want to continue on this journey!  Exciting, right?!

We all have the innate knowledge of what our body needs….we just have to stop and listen.

Cheers to great health!



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