Krista Harrison Uncategorized Would you rather add or subtract?

Would you rather add or subtract?

What is a calorie anyway?
As we head into fall and back into routines, I find it easier to manage my daily food intake.  For many of us, the summer was fun, relaxing and we took more liberties than we normally would during the fall, winter and spring months.
So, how can we get back on track and get a spring in our step?  Many of us restart our “diets” or food routines that we may have defined back in January.  I think the key to maintaining our goals is simple:
Think addition rather than subtraction!
We spend so much time trying to figure out how many calories we have eaten, how many are left and is there enough for that glass of wine or chocolate bar at the end of the day!  I am sure this gets tiring and slightly frustrating at times.
So, what is a calorie anyway?
We know that calories are units of energy. More specifically calories are units of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 liter of water by 1 degree Celsius. Energy is stored in the food itself – protein, carbs and fats.  When we eat food, the energy is either transformed into fuel to support movement, brain function, hormonal processes (metabolism of life) or the energy is stored as molecules of fuel for later use.
Calories are important as we need to know the value of what we are consuming.  I do not advocate counting every calorie, BUT I do believe it is important to be aware of what we are consuming.  Educating people on the value of whole foods is part of my profession.
So, here is a thought…..
Why not change the way you view food and your body?  Instead of taking food out and getting the feeling you are depriving yourself, why not start with adding wholesome food into your daily routine?  It is a simple and less stressful step in creating a healthier you.  In order for your changes to take root, small steps are important.
Here are some great additions to your daily food intake:
Chia Seeds
Coconut Oil
Coconut Water
Dark green leafy vegetables
Why not add chia seeds, coconut water or greens to a morning smoothie? How about adding hemp to your favourite muffins?  Or add some kelp to salad for lunch?
There are lots of ways to incorporate nutrient dense foods into your daily routine.
Here is a great morning smoothie to get your day off to an energizing start!
1 cup non dairy milk (almond, hemp, coconut, rice)
½ banana
1 small orange
Orange zest (optional)
1 handful spinach
1 serving of plant based vanilla protein
1 cup of ice
Water to adjust consistency
Blend all ingredients (except protein powder) until smooth.  Then, add protein powder until mix thoroughly.
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